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In Sanskrit, “chakra” means wheel of light. Chakras act like energy transformers, either stepping up or stepping down energy. They exist in the aura or Auric Dimension.

There are seven main chakras. They are located on the top of the head (7), middle of the forehead (6), throat (5), heart (4), solar plexus (3), lower belly (2) and between the legs (1). These chakras open up from points along a central energy current that runs along the spine, both on the back and front of the body. There are also numerous smaller chakras located all over the body including individual chakras in the joints, organs, hands and bottoms of the feet.

Chakras are shaped like a wheel, vortex or funnel. When functioning optimally, they spin clockwise and when less than optimal, they might spin counter clockwise or not at all. Each of the major chakras is associated with an endocrine gland. They also hold an emotional and physiological aspect of health.


The chakra’s job is to receive energy from the Universal Energy Field (the energy all around us) and nourish a particular area of the body. Each chakra holds and is activated by a frequency. The highest frequencies are found in the 7th, 6th and 5th chakras. These chakras are associated with spirituality. The lowest frequencies can be found in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chakras which are associated with our physical being. The heart, located at the 4th, chakra serves as the bridge between the spiritual or higher chakras and the physical or lower chakras. A particular color and sound (frequency) is also associated with each major chakra.


According to BHS, the Human Energy Field (HEF) consists of different levels of vibrations or frequencies and chakras. The HEF contains 4 Dimensions or the Physical, Auric, Haric and Core Star dimensions.

The Physical Dimension is our physical body. The body represents the manifestation of how we are running our energy and how we are being in all other dimensions.

The Auric Dimension is where the chakras are located. It contains seven levels which correspond to the seven major chakras. These levels exhibit similar psychological and physical characteristics to the chakras they are associated with. Each level holds a different vibration and may be structured, like lines of light, or unstructured, like fluids or clouds.

The Haric Dimension holds your intention and purpose. It exists on a deeper level than your physical body and auric field and corresponds to your soul’s purpose and life task.

The Core Dimension exists on the deepest level of being and relates to Divine essence. It is here that we find one’s unique core qualities that no one else has in the same way.

Distortions, tears, imbalances and stagnant energy may be present in the HEF. This is typically due to unprocessed trauma held in the field which undermines the natural harmony or ease of the body and results in a state of dis-ease.

When the HEF is well-balanced and healthy, one experiences vitality and a sense of well-being. All systems in the body are aligned and energetically nourished. The immune system is vibrant and life flows. Manifesting your longings is effortless. Despite the many challenges in life, there is a feeling of being grounded and in harmony with the world around you.


The Professional Studies Program that certifies one as a BHS Practitioner consists of 

4 Year Undergraduate Professional Studies Diploma Program:

Area of Study/Description/Hours

  • Brennan Healing Science / Healing skills and techniques - 295 hrs

  • Psycho-Spiritual Development / Student’s unique personal journey of self-awareness & transformation / 234 hrs

  • Creative Arts

  • Professional Practice / Supports students in developing a professional practice after graduation / 96 hrs

  • Integrative Care / Integration of energy healing skills with the physical body, teaches self-care skills, Healing Medicine & Disease (HMD) lectures / 120 hrs

  • Integrative Distance Learning Modules (DLMs) / Homework submitted between classes, 28 in total / 1,200 hrs

  • Anatomy and Physiology / Fundamental study of anatomy and physiology / 80 hrs

  • Personal Process Sessions / Sessions outside of the school with a therapist of choice but with credentials that meet the school’s requirements / 72 hrs

  • Total Hours: 2,274

The areas of study are the same for each year. However, the requirements for passing increase every year, starting in Year 2; and every year students are challenged to take their process even deeper. As a result, by the end of the 4-year program, the practitioner has achieved a high level of proficiency in energy healing.