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Understanding Your Mind 

"the body's computer system"

We are “energy beings, having human experience.”

Shifting the perspective and consciousness comes from the power within you, your mind and vision. It is the projection.... the projection towards within, which can manifest as a powerful new Reality!  You are "the One" of full power of your reality. 

Consider the possibility ~ the expansion of Consciousness ~ Consciousness is Everything

Applying a few envisioning skills with mental training while in a state of deep meditation supports that system and gives it the right environment to work on a deeper cellular level.


The three-step process combines the power of a meditation practice with other techniques that link the mind to the body in a powerful way.


~ Relax ~

An altered state of “conscious awareness” (natural state of flow between the calm and alert, also called an “Alpha” state). An experienced meditator can quickly enter into that state. For beginners, closing your eyes and breathing deeply into your lower abdomen and releasing your breath by repeating the word “Relax”, Allow to listen and move your awareness down through your body, deeply relaxing. Let go of your mind.

At this point, a guided meditation with body scan is a great tool. The voice will lead you to calm your emotions and still your thoughts. That is total relaxation. Deep and fully aware relaxation is key for optimal results.



~ Visualize ~

The way the cells work in the body is magical. The body can’t tell the difference between an image in the mind and what we call reality. You can test this for yourself by imagining biting into a lemon without salivating. This is as a simple, profound fact. By adding healthful positive images to “the receptive body” while in a deep relaxed state can be extremely effective. Using your "mind’s eye", seeing the positive outcome helps to move past the challenge, and reinforcing a perfect end result.


We have 80 million white blood cells produced per minute as our first line of defense from a burn or injury. Focusing and working on the cellular level, being creative, and mentally experiencing your new, fabulous self in a multi-sensory way, engaging all 5 inner senses. Your imagination will come up with a visual remedy that fits your vision for your highest good.


~ Affirm ~

Practice affirmations – positive affirmations.

Every thought we think is creating our future. A thought can be changed for the good, and life will follow that thought to flow towards a positive experience. As we have established that our subconscious mind accepts whatever we choose to believe, then using an affirmation as a tool to change from the inside out just makes sense. An affirmation is a positive statement of what we want in our lives.


Best selling author and number one world authority on affirmations, Louise Hay, believes, “Always use the present tense such as I am or I have, since the subconscious mind is such an obedient servant. To say I will or I want will keep it just out of reach.”

~ Listen to your body ~

You may have a healing plan ready before you start, but once in a meditative state, you may find that a feeling prompts you to imagine another way of achieving the healthy result. Go with what feels right. Don’t let your critical, skeptical ego get in the way. Go with the flow and listen to that wise, inner voice. After regular practice of these techniques, you will also experience being drawn towards different choices in the outer world.


Dr. Wayne Dwyer explains that once an intention is set with the universal mind, “it will germinate into reality in the physical world.” Suddenly new options, in many forms, will show up in your life.


Applying these 3 steps, you will have a stronger connection with your body-mind-spirit, listening your body and your inner wisdom via your higher developed consciousness, to keep you and your body healthy and in balance.

"The power of the ingenious mind...

the power of the individual."

Margot Pehk, BHSP, CST, Visionary

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